Ticket control

Ticket check

To travel by public transport you need a valid ticket, which must be carried at all times and shown in the event of a ticket inspection. If a valid ticket is missing, the passenger must pay a surcharge.

Valid ticket

Always board trams and buses with a valid ticket. This saves money and hassle. The LIBERO Tariff Regulations and the National Tariff clearly state that every passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket when entering the vehicle, i.e. before starting the journey. This also applies to electronic tickets: The purchase must be completed on the mobile phone before the journey begins.
It is often difficult to judge whether a passenger is accidentally or intentionally travelling with us without a valid ticket. Therefore, we do not make any distinction when checking tickets. We only assess whether a valid ticket is present or not. By levying the surcharge, we do not imply that the passenger is intentionally travelling without a valid ticket.

Surcharges and payment deadlines

All information about surcharges and payment deadlines and transpor of animals at a glance.


The amount of the surcharge is determined on the basis of the number of incidents in the last 2 years. A distinction is made between "travel without a valid ticket" and "travel with a partially valid ticket".

Passenger with a partially valid ticket

A "passenger with a partially valid ticket" is a person who can present a ticket that is valid for the entire journey but insufficient in one of the following specific cases:

  • Failure to change class
  • Missing or incorrect surcharge
  • Ticket for wrong customer group (e.g. half-price or re-duced-price ticket without authorisation)
  • No change of route, or different route (but same departure and destination stations or departure and destination zones; different, direct and comparable route)

Surcharge for journeys with partially valid ticket:

  • Surcharge for 1st incident CHF 75
  • Surcharge for 2nd incident CHF 115
  • Surcharge for 3rd incident CHF 145

The amount includes a flat fare of CHF 5.

Passenger without a valid ticket

A "passenger without a valid ticket" is anyone who cannot present a valid or partially valid ticket for the entire journey. Passengers without a valid ticket pay the full surcharge. Exception: Only the reduced surcharge is paid by those who:


  • can present a national ticket that is valid for at least two stops (on the route travelled)
  • can show a ticket of the corre-sponding or a neighbouring tariff or transport association, which is valid for at least a part of the route

Surcharge for travel without a valid ticket:

  • Surcharge for 1st incident CHF 100
  • Surcharge for 2nd incident CHF 140
  • Surcharge for 3rd incident CHF 170

The amount includes a flat fare of CHF 10.

Additional surcharges

  • Abuse, giving false personal data or escape CHF 100
  • Investigation for correct personal data, etc. per ¼ hour CHF 25
  • Reminder for non-compliance with the payment deadline of 30 days CHF 40
  • Forgery: any manipulation of tickets CHF 200

Payment terms

  • Invoice: within 30 days
  • Reminder: within 10 days

Carriage of animals

Pets may be transported on public transport. For the journey, you need a 2nd class ticket at a reduced price for each pet.

  • Small dogs, cats and similar tame animals with a height of up to 30cm may be transported free of charge in suitable transport containers
  • Service dogs (guide dogs, cata-strophe dogs, military dogs) are carried free of charge with the appropriate validation

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